Our History

History of COBA

College of Immaculate Conception (CIC), Enugu which carefully crafted the loyal sons of the old white and blue of 2006 set, has since its inception, been a citadel of excellence in academics, sports and students’ character. It has maintained this status through the years till date and remains a reference point in the educational landscape of South Eastern Nigeria  and indeed, Nigeria in general.

On January 2, 1942, CIC Enugu started with an intake of only 46 students. Midwifed largely through the efforts of the leadership of the Catholic Arch Diocese of Onitsha, The Rev. Fr. John Roche who became the first Principal of the College and assisted by Rev. Fr. McMahon.

Stemming from this humble beginning, and staying focused on its strong christian heritage, the  College quickly established itself as a centre of academic excellence when in 1943 it recorded 100% score in the Junior Cambridge Examination, and went ahead in 1945 to record another 100% score in the Senior Cambridge, thus securing its place forever in the league of premier colleges to reckon with nationwide.

Initially, CIC Enugu was accommodated in St. Patricks Church, Coal Camp Enugu, but the College moved to its permanent site in 1944. The history of CIC Enugu will be incomplete without the mention of the row of grand red-brick buildings which today form the core of the administrative and academic infrastructure in the school. It goes without saying that the  buildings in a way have come to represent the quality, strength, grace, durability and the attributes that CIC Enugu has come to be known for. The transformation of the present permanent site has been largely as a result of the commitment of stakeholders from the Catholic organization, government, parents, and the great alumni association who altogether have continued to invest in making CIC Enugu the centre of excellence it remains up till today.

This great citadel of learning produced and modeled men of 2006 set known as Concord Old Boys Association “COBA” ‘06.

Our Aims and Objectives

  • To develop and extend the mutual love that exist between COBA members.
  • To develop and maintain the spirit of truthfulness, unity and a brotherly culture.
  • To help in the development and maintenance of the fame and image of the Alma Mater.
  • To contribute to the development of the members of the Association and our alma mater CIC Enugu.
  • To protect the interest of the Association and our alma mater at large.
  • To carter for the welfare of its members.

Concord Old Boy’s Association known by the acronym, ‘COBA’, under our mother CIC Old Boys has its motto of the College “Semper Fidelis”. The Association held its first general meeting in the year 2007 inside the schools Refectory and had it first constitution and reunion in 2009.

COBA has a functional constitution which  has been ratified by its members. This constitution governs it’s affairs, and the activities of the Association is presided over by an elected President and his team of executives. All the members of the executives are democratically elected at the Annual General Meeting/Annual Reunion usually held bi-annually in the month of December.

We hereby invite all 2006 Set to be part of our very noble and worthy cause.

Long Live The Boys of the Old White and Blue!

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