November 1,2020 Meeting Minutes

Concord Old Boys Association 2006 set by monthly meeting, held at No 28 park Avenue GRA Enugu. Host are Manu Tochukwu & Obinna Nnamani.
Opening prayer was said by Ozor Onyebuchi at 2:05pm, followed by the president opening remarks by Anikwe Ifeanyi Godson, as he welcome all members to the association last meeting of the year 2020.
Introduction of New Members: Egnr. Duhu Emmanuel Chinwendu, he works with a travel agency & resides at Abakpa Nike Enugu.
1) Engr. Odili Ugwueze (went to Abuja)
2) Eze Paulinus (went to kwara)
3 Aleke Paul (went to nsuka)
4) Engr. Owoh Onyeka
5) Amb Nwodo Chizutelu (hosting bazaar)
6) Onuora Martin (out of town)
7) Emmanuel Nnochi Edozie (bereaved)
8) Edeh Paul (school)
9) Okoro Anayo Cyril (late)
10) Arum Emeka Edwin (late)
11) Nnamdi Ezeoke (late)
12) Ifezue Emeka (late)
13) Ekpe Samuel (absent)
14) Maduabuchi Christopher (absent).

Words of Exaltation
Topic is on presidential handlers, President Mohamadu Buhari speech which is nothing to write home about and our attitude towards public office holders; hence they see themselves as demigods and see us the citizens as fools. A lot of things happen in the corridors of power, hence most government officers know the right things to do but can not help the situation.

Reading of the minute: the secretary Ngwu Tochukwu read the minute and the following correction was made “the injection for hepatitis is take once in three months for three consecutive times”.
Adoption of the minute: Ozor Onyebuchi moved for the adoption of the minute and was seconded by Animoke Precious Kenechukwu.
1) Our constitution: Anikwe Ifeanyi Godson raised an opinion that their is need to increase our benefits from the sum of #20,000. To a higher amount.
Nweri Chukwuma suggested we also add drinks & clothes for burial benefit while life benefits is increased to #30,000
Ozor Onyebuchi suggested we raise all benefits to the sum of #50,000. Hence our compliance to contributing for events is increasing in numbers.
Manu Tochukwu suggested we also increase the amount we contribute per person so as to always have some reserve in the purse.
In summary, we unanimously agreed to raise life benefits to the Sum of #30,000 to be given cash, while death benefits remain the sum of #20,000 cash, drinks and clothe worth #10,000 to be presented as condolence, effective from 2021. Also we shall be entertained as a group and not from the general pot.

2) Website: our website is due to renew it’s security license since august 2020, however, Ebuka Amaka-Eze who promised to renew the licence for Coba has not complied yet; as a result the executive has paid for the website renewal with the sum of #49,000. On 04/09/2020. From Coba purse.

3) Our Uniform: we also agreed to throw open any invitation from any member to the general house and review if such a member deserves to be honoured with our uniform effective from 2021.

4) Inauguration of our legal team: the Inauguration of our legal team shall be on the day of our end of the year celebration and this shall be done verbally and not with any printed statements of oath.

5) Economic and Investment plan: please note that the head of this committee was not available, therefore it was shifted till further notice.

6) End of the year planning report and budget: Following the budget planning and presentation by the DOS, the date and event for this year end of the year activities are as follows:
Dates of the event:
18/12/2020 meet and greet,
19/12/2020 annual Coba football exercise & motherless babies home visitation
20/12/2020 Annual thanks giving mass at Blessed Sacrament Parish Independent layout Enugu.

Venue for Reception: Sylvia Hotel Independent layout Enugu and the cost is #150,000 (one hundred and fifty thousand naira only)

Award: the house unanimously rescind the idea of award for this year and shifted it till next year 2021 or future years as the case may be. Note that this award postponement was backed with a majority votes of members present at the meeting.

Food and Drinks: we shall this year have food variety of fried rice, jollof rice with chicken. The cost for the rice is #95,000 (ninety five thousand naira only), while the chicken shall cost #80,000 (eighty thousand naira only) and the cost for drinks is #52,000 (fifty twoo thousand naira only). Therefore the total cost for drinks and food is #227,000 (two hundred and twenty seven thousand naira only).

Professional Photographer: the committee choose one of us, in the person of #ChrisHienz to cover the photo shoots and video coverage at the cost of #30,000 (thirty thousand naira only).

Thanksgiving mass: we shall be attending this year thanksgiving mass at the parish of our former principal Rev. Fr. Dr. Nnamdi Nwankwor at Blessed Sacrament Parish Independent layout Enugu and the sum of #20,000 (twenty thousand naira only) shall be given for thanksgiving; while members are advised to bring on individual note something to add to the offering such as bag of rice, crate of malt, tissue paper, cow, goat, cock, yam etc.

Novelty Match (Coba el-classico): Our beloved brother Enegwu Maduabuchi has indicated interest to host this year’s novelty Match. However, the committee is appealing to any other member, who wish to join efforts to co-host the match to please indicate and meet with the Secretary Ngwu Tochukwu, PRO Okenyi Bright Chimezie(Kaka) & Ede Paul for effective coordination of the match. On same note, the committee is pleading to our brother @EdePaul to see how he can assist us to secure the biggard world class pitch for this novelty Match.

Visitation to Motherless Babies Home: we will be visiting Nwanne di na mba motherless babies home immediately after our novelty Match on Saturday and the sum of #10,000 (ten thousand naira only). Meanwhile, our beloved brother @Elvis Henry promised to support the motherless babies home visitation with additional sum of #10,000 (ten thousand naira only). This will make the total sum to be given to the motherless babies home #20,000(twenty thousand naira only).

Professional DJ: the committee has chosen the service of DJ XK for the event and his service charge is the sum of #30,000(thirty thousand naira only).

Projector and Film: the committee is pleading to the following brothers @Engr.ObinnaNnamani and @AnayoOkoro, to please assist the association with their projector as they have always done In the past, God bless you as you do so.

Christmas nine lessons and carols: in other to spice up this year’s end of the year celebration, the committee has sort the service of Unique Voice choir, courtesy of Ede Paul at the cost of #15,000(fifteen thousand naira only); also to spice the nine lessons and carols, our beloved [email protected](monpere) has also lend his effort, to bring his own choir on same day (if his available). And finally our brother @Kodimiles will also be performing life one of his single debut same day.
Miscellaneous expenditure: the committee also made a provisional miscellaneous budget of #100,000(one hundred thousand naira only) for the purpose of unforseen circumstances.
Total budget summary
Venue Hotel Sylvia #150,000
Food and Drinks #227,000
Photography & Video #30,000
Thanksgiving mass #20,000
Motherless Babies visitation #10,000
Music DJ #30,000
Miscellaneous budget #100,000
Total #567,000

Reactions: A flat Levi of #5,000 is placed on all members, payable through Coba first bank account 3064535844.
The following are list of pledges/freewill donations by members:
1) Anikwe Ifeanyi Godson #10,000
2) Okenyi Chimezie #20,000
3) Offor Chiagozie. #7,000
4) Nnaji Obiora. #10,000
5) Ifechukwudebelu Okafor #10,000
6) Ozor Onyebuchi. #10,000
7) Duhu Emmanuel. #4,000
8) Ifezue Chukwuemeka.#10,000 pd
9) Okolo Agozie Sawo. #10,000
10) Ugwu Chibuike Nelson #10,000
11) Obiora George Egwuonwu #10,000 pd
12) Dr. Odoh Arinze James #20,000
13) Engr. Eligwe Uchenna #10,000 pd
14) Ezeoha Ifeanyi #10,000
15) Eneh Chinonso. #10,000
16) Okafor Chinonso. #10,000
17) Engr. Nnamani Obinna #10,000
18) Amb Nwodo Chizutelu #50,000
19) Mr. Anochiri Kenechukwu #10,000
20) Ezeagu Chinonso. #7,000
21) Nwigwe Emeka #10,000
22) Mr. Ike-ene Onyekachi #10,000
23) Mr. Aniekwu Ikechukwu #5,000
24) Bar. Arum Emeka Edwin #5,000
25) Animoke Precious Kenechukwu #10,000
26) Agbasiere Ikechukwu. #20,000
27) Okafor Ikenna #10,000
28) Engr. Nweri Chukwuma #10,000
29) Agu Chidubem Henry #10,000
30) Manu Tochukwu. #20,000
31) Ngwu Tochukwu. #10,000.
Attendance is 36 members
Financial statements: monthly dues & lateness collected was the sum of #3,600.
Closing prayer was said by Ozor Onyebuchi at about 7:30pm


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